Sour Cream Appetizers and Desserts Cookbook [eBook]

Sour cream is a uniquely versatile condiment that adds creaminess and a slight tanginess to foods. It is commonly used in savory dishes such as chili and tacos, but even with its common consumption, it is not often used to its full potential. In this Sour Cream Appetizers and Desserts Cookbook, you will be introduced to the many enlightening ways that you can, and should be, enjoy sour cream! Each page is full of mouthwatering recipes outlining scrumptious sour cream-based appetizers that will revolutionize the way you think about this condiment. Not only will you find exciting new ways to use it in savory foods, but you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with sour cream-based desserts that will truly delight your guests at your next dinner party.

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